Bard Info – Willow Mann

The Manx Bard is an exciting initiative sponsored by the Isle of Man Arts Council and endorsed by Manx Litfest. The concept is the brainchild of Bridget Carter, who is chairman of the Manx Bard committee, supported by Hazel Teare and Di Benson.
Each year the Island’s most worthy poet is appointed as Manx Bard via an annual competition. In recognition of our proud poetic heritage, the title of First Manx Bard was awarded posthumously in 2014 to our national poet T.E. Brown. 

John ‘Dog’ Callister was named as the Manx Bard 2016.
He was the third Manx Bard, and followed in the eminent footsteps of national poet TE Brown who was posthumously awarded the title in 2014.